Alcohol and the Effects of Getting Behind the WheelWith the holidays fast approaching, there will be holiday gatherings with family and loved ones which means the alcohol may be flowing more freely.  This time of the year also means auto accidents occur more frequently, some of the time due to distracted drivers, weather conditions, or more often, driving under the influence.  So, as we enter the holiday season, there are some key things to note surrounding alcohol and the effects of getting behind the wheel of a car.

Common Myths Surrounding Alcohol Usage and Driving

Driving slowly will get you home safely- Driving slowly is actually a sign that officers look for when they suspect someone is drinking and driving.  Driving slowly can be hazardous.  Just don’t drink and drive!

Drinking coffee will sober you up quicker– If you are feeling sleepy, drinking coffee may help awaken you, but won’t make you a safer driver.

Opening the windows to get fresh air will help sober you up- Doing this may provide a burst of fresh air, but it won’t sober you up any quicker.

Splashing water on your face or a cold shower will sober you up– Only time will help sober you up.  Don’t drive and drive!

You are an excellent driver with no past record or tickets- Being a good driver with no past records is commendable, but drinking impairs the ability to operate a car safely and properly.  Having one drink is too many to drive.

Basic Facts About Driving Under the Influence

  • The average person drives 80 times under the influence before getting caught or arrested. Typically, he/she is finally caught as a result of being involved in an auto accident.
  • Teen drivers are more likely to be involved in auto accidents than more experienced drivers. In fact, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for teens and of those, 1/3 of them involve alcohol or other substances.
  • Every 51 minutes in the U.S., someone is killed by a drunk driver.
  • Consequences of drinking and driving can result in fines, extensive legal fees, revoked license, or jail time.

Don’t Drink and Drive!

It’s ok to attend parties with family and loved ones, but NEVER drink and drive.  The consequences of doing so could prove deadly, so you need to make provisions if you plan to attend a party and indulge in alcohol.  Either arrange to utilize a designated driver, take an Uber or Lyft, or contact someone to pick you up.  Despite feeling like you have only had one or “a few” drinks, your ability to drive an automobile safely is skewed and you need to make sound judgement calls to arrive home safely.

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