Coverage Options Your Business Needs

Your business is unique, and you know the importance of having the right commercial insurance that will adequately protect all your business needs. While each business may have its own set of uniquities, commercial insurance does have some common coverage options that every business needs.  Whether your business is a one-person office, or a building [...]

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Protect Your Identity from Being Stolen

Identity theft is not a new problem.  In fact, it has been around for decades, but with growing technology and more sophisticated measures being taken by hackers, it is now a more extensive problem in the U.S.  Did you know that one out of 15 people in the U.S. has fallen victim to identity theft?  [...]

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Does Your Commercial Policy Need a Review?

This year, your small business may have faced many challenges, both positive and negative.  Trying to embrace the new “normal” may have meant facing many changes head on. As the world changed over the past year or two, so might have your insurance needs.  Exposures can change quickly within your N.C. business, and you may [...]

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Safeguard Your Online Retail Business

In our high-tech world and with technological developments, cyber-attacks are a big business.  Business of all types, big or small, are targets to hackers looking to steal your business and personal information and if they find their way in, your online retail business may be shut down.  Your main objective is to safeguard your online [...]

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Burglar Proof Your Home This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means hot days, summer vacations, and family gatherings; however, it also may mean more burglaries.  In fact, a burglary occurs once every 30 seconds in the U.S., with the majority of those occurring during the months of July and August.  Burglars look for homes with easy access and [...]

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Differences Between Excess and Umbrella Liability Insurance

While you may have heard many people use the terms “excess” and “umbrella” interchangeably, (when referring to additional coverage above and beyond a primary or underlying policy), they are different. An underlying policy is the primary insurance coverage designed to protect against particular risks and perils, subject to financial limitations.  Read on to learn some [...]

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Insurance Protection for Ridesharing?

The popular adages of years ago, “Don’t talk to strangers” and most definitely, “Don’t get into a strangers’ car” have seemingly fallen to the waist side. The degree to which the internet has infiltrated our society has affected every aspect of our socialization, beliefs, travel, and relationships.  For example, consider for a moment the old [...]

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Is Your Business Vehicle Protected Under Your Personal Auto Policy?

Ever since the Pandemic hit in March of 2020, more people are working for themselves, which by all means can be wonderful.  The thought of being your own boss is appealing, but what does it mean for your vehicles and your personal auto insurance policy? Some things to consider about your business and the cars [...]

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Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Months

If you are a homeowner then you know weather conditions can cause damages to your home.  In fact, the Insurance Information Institute (III) cites wind and hail damage as the highest property claim type in terms of loss frequency.  While we are transitioning from winter to spring, you can imagine the fluctuation of weather conditions [...]

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