Differences Between Excess and Umbrella Liability Insurance

While you may have heard many people use the terms “excess” and “umbrella” interchangeably, (when referring to additional coverage above and beyond a primary or underlying policy), they are different. An underlying policy is the primary insurance coverage designed to protect against particular risks and perils, subject to financial limitations.  Read on to learn some [...]

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Insurance Protection for Ridesharing?

The popular adages of years ago, “Don’t talk to strangers” and most definitely, “Don’t get into a strangers’ car” have seemingly fallen to the waist side. The degree to which the internet has infiltrated our society has affected every aspect of our socialization, beliefs, travel, and relationships.  For example, consider for a moment the old [...]

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Is Your Business Vehicle Protected Under Your Personal Auto Policy?

Ever since the Pandemic hit in March of 2020, more people are working for themselves, which by all means can be wonderful.  The thought of being your own boss is appealing, but what does it mean for your vehicles and your personal auto insurance policy? Some things to consider about your business and the cars [...]

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Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Months

If you are a homeowner then you know weather conditions can cause damages to your home.  In fact, the Insurance Information Institute (III) cites wind and hail damage as the highest property claim type in terms of loss frequency.  While we are transitioning from winter to spring, you can imagine the fluctuation of weather conditions [...]

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Keeping Employees Safe with the Nurse Hotline

As a business owner with employees, you have an obligation to make sure your employees are working in a safe atmosphere in an effort to minimize the risks of injuries. However, regardless of how safe the work environment, injuries and accidents WILL happen.  In fact, over 2.9 million injuries, per year, happen in the workplace.  [...]

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Business Insurance for Your New Business

Whether you are considering a new business venture or already a business owner, you realize there are many tasks and responsibilities to consider. Finding the perfect business location, filing/signing all the legal documents, hiring suitable staff, and investing in business equipment are all part of the long list of things you must do in order [...]

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Myths That Surround Renters Insurance

If you are currently a renter or have ever rented an apartment or unit, you may or may not have obtained any type of renter’s insurance.  In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institutes 2018 Poll, only 46 percent of renters had renters insurance.  While the majority of homeowners have homeowners insurance protection, many renters [...]

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How Your Homeowners Insurance Rate is Determined

As a homeowner, you need the right type of insurance protection to safeguard your home and contents from covered losses, but have you ever wondered how your rate is determined?  There are many variables taken into consideration when your homeowners premium rate is established, although each insurance company rates differently.  Find out what you may [...]

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How Quarantine Fatigue Can Impact Your Business

Since the Pandemic and the consequential quarantines, lockdowns, and working from home (WFH), more and more people are suffering from quarantine fatigue.  Now while that may mean going to parties and bars for younger people, it probably means something completely different for adults that are now working from home.  Business dealings are now being handled [...]

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