Unmarried Couples Living Together and How It May Affect Their Auto Insurance

The number of unmarried couples living together continues to increase, which CAN save individuals money on the forefront, but what you may not know is that these same people could be faced with lawsuits or auto insurance claims where coverage is denied.  Being at this type of risk could be financially overwhelming for unmarried couples.  [...]

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Dangerous Dog Breeds-Best Friends or Foes?

Owning a dog can be very rewarding, but may come with its share of risks, especially if your dog bites someone.  Approximately 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites per year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Although your N.C. homeowner’s insurance typically provides liability coverage for dog bites, up to [...]

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Typical Life Insurance Myths

Discussing life insurance isn’t something you may wish to discuss, but maybe you should.  Most people have countless questions regarding how much is necessary, if necessary at all, and what type of life insurance should be purchased.  This type of insurance doesn’t have to be complicated if you are aware of some typical life insurance [...]

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Restaurant Insurance Needs for Your N.C. Business

Restaurant owners are faced with a multitude of responsibilities and obligations all while prioritizing an eating establishment that offers patrons outstanding food and expert customer service in an inviting and clean atmosphere.  However, in an instant, catastrophe can strike, threatening to destroy everything you have worked so hard to build.  Without the proper insurance protection, [...]

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Is Your Non-Profit Organization Protected with Directors and Officers Insurance?

Being asked to serve as a board member for any Non-Profit Organization may seem like an honor and a privilege; however, there is more to your board member role than assisting in making executive decisions and facilitating organizational success and growth.  One essential role BEFORE agreeing to serve as a board member is to research [...]

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Hiring Safe Drivers for Your N.C. Trucking Business

As a trucking business owner, you know the importance of your business reputation and how it impacts your business success.  Building your business takes years; however, it only takes a short time to ruin your business if certain guidelines and safety issues aren’t in place.  As you know, your business depends heavily on your fleet [...]

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Difference Between Occurrence Versus Claims-Made Insurance

As a business owner, you realize you need the right business insurance protection but knowing the different types of insurance may seem confusing. Before you invest in any type of business insurance protection, it is essential you know the difference between occurrence versus claims-made insurance so you get the type of insurance that best suits [...]

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