How Your Homeowners Insurance Rate is Determined

As a homeowner, you need the right type of insurance protection to safeguard your home and contents from covered losses, but have you ever wondered how your rate is determined?  There are many variables taken into consideration when your homeowners premium rate is established, although each insurance company rates differently.  Find out what you may [...]

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How Quarantine Fatigue Can Impact Your Business

Since the Pandemic and the consequential quarantines, lockdowns, and working from home (WFH), more and more people are suffering from quarantine fatigue.  Now while that may mean going to parties and bars for younger people, it probably means something completely different for adults that are now working from home.  Business dealings are now being handled [...]

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Alcohol and the Effects of Getting Behind the Wheel

With the holidays fast approaching, there will be holiday gatherings with family and loved ones which means the alcohol may be flowing more freely.  This time of the year also means auto accidents occur more frequently, some of the time due to distracted drivers, weather conditions, or more often, driving under the influence.  So, as [...]

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Common Kitchen Fire Hazards That Could Ruin Your Holiday Gathering

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, your kitchen will most likely be filled with family and loved ones along with lots of holiday foods!  While you may cook most days, your oven and stove top may be getting extra use during the holiday season.  Cooking all the holiday foods such as turkeys, hams, [...]

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Avoid Fatal Distractions While Driving

Each time you get behind the wheel of a car, it is your responsibility to practice safe driving practices; however, many people are driving while distracted.  In fact, in 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 400,000 people sustained injuries from auto accidents caused by [...]

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Umbrella Insurance Protection

In life, you can always expect the unexpected.  Unfortunate scenarios happen all too frequently and regardless of how careful you are, situations can happen that can be devastating, both emotionally and financially.  If you have never heard of an “umbrella”, then you aren’t alone, but what you need to know about having umbrella insurance protection [...]

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Fallen Trees and Insurance Coverage

The spring and summer months typically correlate with severe thunderstorms, but during any time of the year, severe weather conditions can pop up.  With fall approaching, wet weather can be expected and with winter, you can also expect ice, and snow that may result in fallen trees on your property.  As a result, you need [...]

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Earthquakes-Are You Protected?

Unless you live in California or on the West Coast, you may not give a second thought to experiencing an earthquake, but maybe you should.  In August, North Carolina experienced an earthquake in Sparta of a magnitude of 5.2 and could be felt as far as 300 miles away.  Consider this your wakeup call.  Earthquakes [...]

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Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof and Safe

Home burglaries happen more often than most people want to think.  In fact, you may not imagine it happening to you, but what if it does?  There are ways to keep your family and home safe and while you can’t prevent a home burglary, you can reduce the likelihood it will happen to you.  There [...]

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Boating Season and Safety Measures

Soaring temperatures and summer days are perfect times for boating.  In fact, the growing trend the last few years reflects a spike in recreational boat sales which means more lakes/waters are filled with people enjoying fun and sun on their boats.  However, a fun-filled boat day can turn disastrous in a matter of seconds if [...]

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