Should I use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to make insurance payments?

By using EFT, you don’t have to remember to pay the bill. Forgetting to pay your insurance premium can ultimately result in a cancellation of your insurance policy, meaning if you get involved in an accident, you won’t have any coverage. The easiest way to ensure payment of your insurance premium is to set up [...]

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Due to a recent flood, my home sustained significant water damages. Will my homeowners insurance pay for the flood damages?

Flood damages are excluded under your N.C. homeowners insurance policy and require an entirely separate Flood insurance policy to cover damages caused by floods. You may be surprised to know that a Flood insurance policy is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the damages flooding can cause. The National Flood Insurance Program determines the rates by [...]

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If a hurricane strikes and causes my boat to sink, will insurance cover it?

It depends on the circumstances. Some policies may require you to house your boat in a territory that is outside of hurricane prone areas during hurricane season. You would need to ask your N.C. independent insurance agency whether your boat policy has that stipulation. Assume your boat is covered due to the hurricane but you [...]

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If I rent a car and have an accident will my auto insurance provide coverage?

There are many variables that may determine whether you would have coverage. If you are renting a car for business use, you have no coverage under your personal N.C. auto insurance policy and should purchase the insurance the rental company extends. However, if you rent a car and have comprehensive/collision coverage on any car under [...]

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