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North Carolina Financial ServicesFinding the right financial services products for your personal life, as well as your business, can make all of the difference in planning for the future. Many people wander through life without a safety net, nothing to save themselves or their business should their luck turn poor. Planning ahead using financial services from the insurance professionals at Twin City Insurance can help you to create a solid foundation for your personal and business future. They will help you find the RIGHT North Carolina financial service products. Whether it concerns the next few years or is decades in the future, it’s never too soon to start planning.

North Carolina Business Financial Services

Business Perpetuation – Helps your business prepare to cope with changes in management, ownership key stakeholders, and the business environment as a whole. Business perpetuation can keep your business going for the next generation.

Disability Insurance – Providing disability insurance for your employees will help ease their minds should they ever have a time when they are unable to work. This will help your employee concentrate on getting healthy and back to work, instead of them returning early and risking further injury.

Pension and Profit Sharing – This employee benefits plan helps your employees to save for retirement, as well as enhance your competitiveness when hiring new employees.

Key Person Disability Insurance – In every business, there are certain persons who may have a major effect on the daily operation of the company. The loss of one of these employees can have a severe impact on a business, and can create financial hardship. This insurance can help the company to hire temporary or permanent replacements if needed, and can defray costs such as loss in revenue, training, and unfunded salary continuation costs.

North Carolina Personal Financial Services

Annuity Plans – Make sure that you have a rock-solid, steady income in the future by purchasing an annuity plan that disburses funds on a regular basis. While 401(k) funds, Social Security, and IRAs have doubts, an annuity can provide guarantees in an uncertain world.

Individual Disability Insurance – If you are self-employed, or if your company doesn’t provide disability insurance, you can purchase a policy that will help you along if you are injured and unable to work.

Life Insurance – You don’t want to leave your family and loved ones empty-handed and worrying about funds when they are grieving. Life insurance helps to lessen the impact of one’s passing, and can help to replace lost income as well as pay for the expenses that can come.

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