Hiring Safe DriversAs a trucking business owner, you know the importance of your business reputation and how it impacts your business success.  Building your business takes years; however, it only takes a short time to ruin your business if certain guidelines and safety issues aren’t in place.  As you know, your business depends heavily on your fleet drivers which is why hiring safe drivers for your N.C. trucking business is vital if you plan to keep on trucking for any length of time.

Whether you have drivers that work on a limited or full-time basis, the standards should remain the same in regard to their driving safety practices. Driving trucks/vehicles in an effort to transport goods or provide a service is a huge responsibility and there must be stringent guidelines in place before you hire any driver(s) for your N.C. trucking business.  Having safe drivers on your business team helps to minimize accidents on the road, while optimizing your business and business reputation.

2 Key Benefits to Hiring Safe Drivers

  1. Your Drivers Represent You and Your Business- Every time one of your drivers gets behind the wheel of your fleet truck/vehicle, their actions represent you. Imagine for a minute what it may mean for you, your business, and reputation if you hire an unprofessional driver who is operating one of your trucks (with your business logo on the side) and is driving erratically, speeding, and talking on the cell phone. This is NOT the image you want to portray if you wish to remain in business.
  2. Safe Drivers Cause Less Accidents- By hiring safe drivers you are reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring, which in turn helps to keep your insurance rates affordable.

Take Preemptive Action  

Before hiring any driver(s), you need to take preemptive action to sift through the candidates in an effort to select only the safest drivers.  Below are some helpful tips in hiring safe drivers for your N.C. business:

  • Confirm driving certifications and qualifications of any applicant
  • Substantiate driving records and previous employers of any prospective fleet driver
  • Perform background checks- Background checks will indicate any criminal charges as well as past employment record
  • Establish written safety standards and driver qualifications and make sure they are clearly outlined and presented to each potential driving candidate
  • Obtain the MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)- This report will show any traffic violations, tickets, and driving history
  • Require both written and road tests for each prospective driver

Because the safest drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents, you can feel confident you are minimizing accident risks and promoting safe driving practices within your company.

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