How Quarantine Fatigue Can Impact Your BusinessSince the Pandemic and the consequential quarantines, lockdowns, and working from home (WFH), more and more people are suffering from quarantine fatigue.  Now while that may mean going to parties and bars for younger people, it probably means something completely different for adults that are now working from home.  Business dealings are now being handled “at home” which could spell trouble for the coming weeks and months pertaining to cybersecurity.  Find out how quarantine fatigue can impact your business and how you can safeguard your N.C. business today.

The new normal on the business front is something all business owners are trying to establish; however, in the process, there are widespread holes in security which means many businesses are experiencing cyber-attacks.  Early on, most company executives made the decision to WFH for social distancing purposes but failed to put a clear policy in place to prevent or minimize the risk of a cybersecurity attack.  Meanwhile, Google reported “18 million phishing and malware scams related to Covid-19 every single day.”  As you can see, this is alarming and a real issue on the cybersecurity front.

Key Security Tips to Help Offset Quarantine Fatigue

Having an antivirus network software or a VPN (virtual private network) in place may not be sufficient when trying to ward off cyber hacks and threats.  These two things alone cannot adequately protect your business at this point.  Below are some key tips to ensure you can mitigate the risks of being infiltrated with attacks and attempts:

  • Identify and enforce a company-wide policy that clearly outlines plans, procedures and protocol when it comes to cybersecurity
  • Utilize MFA (multi-factor authentication) if possible
  • Utilize VPN with MFA whenever possible
  • Routinely back up important data
  • Download and install all software updates
  • Frequently discuss issues or concerns your employees encounter when it comes to phishing emails. Each and every person needs to be aware of the red flags associated with this and how to handle

IT (Information Technology) workers are also experiencing quarantine fatigue as they are being pushed to their limits with this “new normal” in cybersecurity.  Encountering many false alarms and having to dig through to distinguish the real threats versus the false alarms along with transitioning from the workplace to peoples’ homes has proven to be taxing.  The end results? Data overload, fatigue and burnout.

As a business owner, you need to put in perspective how serious of an issue cybersecurity is during these trying times and take necessary action to have a clearly defined companywide protocol in place.  Keep in mind that nothing is 100 percent fool proof, but you can mitigate the likelihood of data infiltration from hackers by taking necessary steps.

The coming days, weeks, and months are unpredictable to some degree, but you need to acknowledge the seriousness of quarantine fatigue and how it can impact your business.  Stay awake!  Contact us today at Twin City Insurance Associates with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your business and the protection of it.  We are here for all your N.C. business insurance needs.