If you think life insurance is for you, think againLiving your life means a lot of things to many people, but if you are living your life to the fullest, you may need to consider the lives of your loved ones to the fullest, after you are gone.  One way to provide for your family, if something should happen to you, is by purchasing a N.C. life insurance policy.  Life insurance is something you may not like to think about, but if you think life insurance is for you, think again. If something happens to you, will your loved ones be able to continue on with their lives financially?

One Life to Live 

You probably know someone with a similar story.  A father/husband suffers an unexpected heart attack without any warning.  He may be the sole provider of the family or perhaps both parents work to support the family, but nobody would have imagined his life would end so abruptly.  Now he has left behind a grieving wife, and 4 children under the age of 12 years old.

When you think of somebody having a heart attack, you may imagine an older, overweight male that eats poorly, smokes, and is inactive.  However, heart attacks or sudden deaths can happen to anyone, without warning, regardless of body weight, stature, or health.  If your life should end abruptly, will your family be able to continue the same standard of life they are living now?

During Your Life, Prepare for Your Loved Ones By Considering the Following:

Having a life insurance policy in place doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Discussing the following considerations with your local N.C. independent insurance agent can help build a life insurance policy that factors in variables such as your budget and your family’s financial situation/future.  Consider these:

Education Costs (Present/Future)- Even if your children are not in a private school at this point, no school is really “free” so you should calculate the costs of any public education for your children, along with the costs of private education, both now and anticipated future college costs of each child.

Funeral Expenses- An average funeral today can cost up to $10,000.  The last thing you want your family to worry about is paying this cost while they are grieving your unexpected death. 

Current Debt- Before contacting your local N.C. independent insurance agent, you should document all of your monthly expenses including mortgage payment, car payment, car/auto insurance, utilities, medical bills, and health insurance.

Costs to Raise Children- The cost to raise a child today is astronomical.  Not only is it extra food expenses, but clothing costs, expenses to play group sports/activities, additional furniture, but maybe also bigger living arrangements or vehicles due to a larger family.

All of these expenses are significant in determining how much life insurance you may need to take care of your loved ones in your family, should you experience an untimely death.

Contemplate Your Life Insurance Policy Today

Death and tragedy don’t discriminate so you should contemplate a life insurance policy that will help your family to continue their lives, should yours comes to an end.  Most everyone should consider securing a life insurance policy and the staff at Twin City Insurance is here for you to assist you with any questions you may have regarding a life insurance policy that best fits the needs of your family and budget.  Call us TODAY at 828-464-2643 to secure the future of your loved ones.