Insurance Protection for Your Chiropractic OfficeAs a licensed N.C. chiropractor, you have invested research, time, and money in your education and profession so that you can treat your patients with the type of care they deserve.  Each patient situation is unique just like your business which is why you devote your time to determine the right type of treatment plan suited for your patients’ needs.  Concentrating on your patients is what makes your business so successful, but have you put the same type of concentrated effort on the type of business insurance protection for your chiropractic office?

Key Coverage Options to Protect Your N.C. Chiropractic Business, but Not Limited to:

Your chiropractic business is your unique business focused on the health and wellness of your clients.  As a licensed chiropractor, you understand that it takes time to build a business reputation, but keep in mind that in order to grow a business, it is essential to have the business insurance specifically tailored to meet all your unique business needs. Without the right type of foundation/protection, your business could close.

Business Property- Before you open the doors, it is recommended you invest in a basic BOP (Business Owners Policy) that is designed to include business property and general liability under one N.C. insurance policy.  A BOP is key insurance protection for a small chiropractic business like yours.  It is designed to protect your business structure along with the contents inside the building.  Imagine if your chiropractic office has a fire that damages your building and its contents.  It would be catastrophic; however, knowing that you have a BOP in place is priceless.  A Business Owner’s Policy protects your computers and software, medical equipment, office equipment, and computer data.

General Liability- General liability is essential when it comes to protecting your patients from injury or damages while at your location.  Bodily Injury Coverage falls under this type of coverage and applies to injuries someone sustains while on your business premises, such as a “slip and fall” in your lobby.  Without this protection, YOU will be held liable for all related medical expenses and any loss of wages that person incurs due to the injury.  Property Damage Coverage is also included under General Liability insurance coverage and is designed to protect your clients/customers against any property damage(s) that occur on your business location.

Professional Liability- This commercial insurance, otherwise known as Malpractice, is essential for chiropractic business owners.  Your patients trust and rely on you for procedures and medicines, yet mistakes happen.  Being sued for a professional mistake can ruin your business reputation and deplete your assets if you aren’t adequately protected.  This type of insurance is designed to protect you for costs associated with legal action resulting from a professional error (warranted or not) during the scope of caring for a patient.

Business Interruption- If you suffer a loss that results in a business shutdown, having this coverage is essential if you want to continue the expected business income and the costs associated with getting your business office operational again. Note that some exclusions may apply so it is recommended you contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent for details.

Other Coverage Options for Your Chiropractic Business Insurance

  • Workers Compensation
  • Data Compromise
  • Commercial Auto
  • Business Equipment Breakdown
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Umbrella

Minimize Risks; Optimize Protection

This is our goal at Twin City Insurance. Your N.C. chiropractic business is unique and your business insurance protection should be as well.  Twin City Insurance understands small businesses like yours and we are here to assist you in providing coverage that is tailored specifically for all YOUR business needs.  Call us TODAY at 828-464-2643 to get the right business insurance for your N.C. chiropractic office.