pet insuranceYour cat or dog is not just an animal or pet; it’s part of the family. Seeing your furry friend sick or injured tugs at your heart, but the vet bills can tug at your purse strings and may pose a serious financial strain if you haven’t prepared for the cost of medical treatment when unfortunate situations happen. Preparing for these vet costs may mean setting aside funds in case of an emergency or securing pet insurance, but is pet insurance worth it?

“Paws” for a Moment to Consider This

When you decide to get a pet, you think of playing ball, walking the dog, or snuggling with your cat, but what about the situations that can happen that pose a threat to your beloved pets’ health and life? You don’t like to think about these scenarios, but they do happen.

Imagine having a dog that you have grown to love, just like a member of the family, when suddenly he becomes ill, won’t eat, and is lethargic. Because it’s the weekend, you take your dog to the emergency vet clinic that runs tests, but can’t determine a diagnosis so the vet clinic decides to keep watch over him for the entire weekend. 3 days later, your furry friend is still ill and undergoes a diagnostic test, which shows an obstruction. To remove this obstruction, he undergoes emergency surgery to find several squeakers from his play toys. Final bill exceeds $5000! True story.

Without a pet insurance policy in place, YOU are required to pay the bill in full, which can wreck havoc on your finances. Whether your pet swallows a foreign object or has to have knee surgery, you could be faced with enormous vet bills, so by having a customized pet insurance policy in place, you could receive compensation for a significant amount towards the bill.

Pet Insurance Comes in All Sizes

Pets come in all sizes and so does the insurance that protects them. The good news is that you can consider many options that suit your lifestyle and budget while protecting your furry friend. Take the worry out of the worse case scenario with your pet and consider embracing the peace of mind that pet insurance offers. Assistance with veterinarian bills never sounded so good when you consider some options to securing pet coverage while still saving money.

Compensation for Percentage Amounts- You can select the percentage of reimbursement towards vet bills, which typically range from 70% to 90%. Obviously the higher the reimbursement percentage, the more costly the pet insurance rate will be. You can discuss this with your local N.C. independent insurance agent to get quotes on the various options.

Higher Deductibles- If you are contemplating pet insurance, you can save money by choosing the highest deductible you can possibly pay out of pocket. Generally, deductibles range from $100-$500.

Discounts for Multiple Pets- The more pets you insure may qualify you for a discount on your pet insurance rate. Consult with your local N.C. independent insurance agent when considering coverage for multiple pets in your household.

Coverage Exclusively for Serious Accidents/Injuries/Illness- Choosing a pet insurance policy that focuses solely on the more serious type of injuries and illnesses versus a full comprehensive insurance plan that encompasses most everything can reduce the premium insurance rate. Big-ticket vet bills are the bills that can wipe out your funds in the blink of an eye, so by absorbing the costs of routine check ups/exams and smaller incidents, you can get a reduced pet insurance rate.

Ask Yourself…Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

If you are considering a pet insurance policy for your beloved furry friend, we can discuss all of your insurance options that fit your budget while still offering protection that offers assistance for those times that your pet encounters unfortunate situations. Pet insurance can provide peace of mind that knowing if your pet is suffering you can afford to pay for the medical assistance needed. Call us TODAY at 828-464-2643 with any questions you may have regarding N.C. pet insurance.