Keeping Employees Safe with the Nurse HotlineAs a business owner with employees, you have an obligation to make sure your employees are working in a safe atmosphere in an effort to minimize the risks of injuries. However, regardless of how safe the work environment, injuries and accidents WILL happen.  In fact, over 2.9 million injuries, per year, happen in the workplace.  If your business has employees, then you typically have Workers’ Compensation insurance.  Luckily, many insurers are partnering with a company which focuses on keeping employees safe with the Nurse Hotline.

Workers Compensation and the Nurse Hotline

Workers’ Compensation is business coverage designed to protect your employees for injuries and illnesses that occur during the scope of employment.  When an injury happens during the scope of work, it is essential to report the injury right away.  The Nurse Hotline works with employers to “first report” the work-related injury and provides necessary medical information to initiate the claim.

Benefits of 24/7 Nurse Hotline      

There are many benefits to this program for both the employee and the employer to include the following:

  • Rapid Claim Reporting- In fact, this service enables the claim to literally be initiated and open within minutes following the workplace incident.
  • Faster Treatment Options- Because of the fast reporting, an immediate response to the injury can be set in motion by providing the right type of medical advice and treatment.
  • 24/7 Access- The Nurse Hotline provides round the clock accessibility to medical advice from RNs (Registered Nurses) due to accidents at the workplace.
  • Reduction in Medical Costs- Instead of employees being rushed to the hospital/ER, the Nurse Hotline provides specialized advice or refers injured workers to urgent care facilities before automatically rushing him/her to the hospital. *Please note that if an injury is life threatening, call 911 immediately.
  • Speedier Return to Work- Fast reporting and quick medical responses/solutions focus on the health of the employee. The quicker the employee can receive sound medical solutions to his/her injury, the faster he/she can return to work.  This is beneficial to both parties.

 How Does the Hotline Work?

The minute the workplace injury/incident is known, the supervisor and the injured person (if capable) should contact the hotline number to report the claim.  At that point, an RN will connect to get the details of the injury and will in turn direct the injured party to the correct medical facility if the injury warrants.  If not, the RN will advise on at-home instructions.  Again, please note that if the injury is life threatening, call 911 immediately.

With this specialized program, the experienced, registered nurses can advise on the recommended plan of treatment to ensure the quickest return to work for the employee.  The RN can answer all questions by the injured worker(s) and assist accordingly by directing them to the best treatment for the injury or advise on an at-home treatment plan.

365 Days a Week; 24/7

Does your Workers’ Compensation policy include this Nurse Hotline service?  With little to no wait time, the Nurse Hotline is available for employers to report work-related injuries every day of the year, 24 hours a day.  This service is a valuable tool for both the employer and employee as it will save time and money for both.  If you have any questions regarding the Nurse Hotline or Workers’ Compensation coverage, contact us at 828-464-2643.  Let us assist you TODAY!