Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming MonthsIf you are a homeowner then you know weather conditions can cause damages to your home.  In fact, the Insurance Information Institute (III) cites wind and hail damage as the highest property claim type in terms of loss frequency.  While we are transitioning from winter to spring, you can imagine the fluctuation of weather conditions and how they may affect your home. While March can bring snowy and icy conditions along with heavy rains, the upcoming spring weather can bring temperature swings, heavy winds, tornadoes and saturated grounds which can bring down trees.  All of these conditions can create damages to your home. In an effort to minimize the risks of property damage to your home, here are some tips to prepare your home for the upcoming months.

Prepare Your Home for Colder Temperatures

These last few months have been cold, and you know that ice, wind, snow, and rain can wreak havoc on your home especially if you don’t take preventative measures to winterproof your property.  In an effort to avoid a wintertime homeowners property claim, here are some helpful tips:

  • Inspect Your Water Pipes- Having proper insulation over your pipes in our attic, exterior walls, and crawl spaces can reduce the chances of them freezing. Also make sure you check for any signs of cracks/leaks.
  • Service Your HVAC- In the fall it is wise to have your heating system serviced and, in the spring, your A/C.
  • Locate Your Water Shut-Off– If your pipes do freeze, you need to act quickly. Knowing where and how to turn off your water is essential to preventing further water damages.
  • Invest in a Generator- Loss of power can happen any time of the year so being prepared for when it does is key. When the power goes out, your pipes are more likely to freeze during the winter months.  A generator allows your home to stay at an ideal temperature which can reduce the possibility of freezing pipes.
  • Address Your Home Insulation- Make sure your basement, attic and/or crawlspaces are properly insulated. This can help to protect your pipes from freezing.  Adequate insulation also protects your roof from ice buildup.

Prepare Your Home for the Spring

Spring is right around the corner and spring weather is very unpredictable.  Along with warmer temperatures, you can expect potential high winds, hail, heavy rains, and the possibility of tornadoes, all of which can create damages to your home.  Here is a checklist of considerations to protect your home from losses:

  • Inspect the Trees on Your Property- Look for signs of tree disease, rot, low hanging branches, and trim any branches hanging over your roof. Keeping your trees pruned can help maintain your trees and minimizes the chance of them falling on your property or someone else’s property. If there is evidence of a dying or rotting tree and it falls, it may create liability on your behalf if you failed to address the dying tree.
  • Clean the Gutters- If your gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, water cannot flow freely, which can lead to water seepage into your home.
  • Inspect Your Roof- Routinely inspect your roof for signs of rot, missing or loose shingles and address any issues found.
  • Seal Your Doors/Windows- Look for any cracks around your windows and doors and properly seal/caulk any areas where any unnecessary air is coming into your home.
  • Inspect Stairs and Railings- A lot of homeowners claims arise out of someone falling on your property. In an effort to reduce the likelihood of a “slip and fall” on your property, it is wise to inspect any railings for signs of deterioration along with making sure all your steps are in good condition.

Your home is your investment, and we understand the importance of protecting your home.  If you have any questions concerning your N.C. homeowners insurance policy or ways you can weatherize your home in an effort to reduce the chances of any property claims, call us TODAY at 828-464-2643.