Price Isn't the Only Factor when Choosing Business InsuranceAs a business owner, you must prioritize day-to-day operations, assess potential risks that could threaten your business, and minimize those risks by investing in the right type of insurance protection.  While it may sound easy enough, there are many factors to consider when purchasing business insurance for your livelihood.  While price may be an initial concern, it should not be the only factor when choosing your N.C. business insurance.

Business Insurance Shouldn’t be One Dimensional

While many business insurers claim to offer the best price, will it provide adequate protection when a catastrophic incident happens, or will you be subject to holes in your coverage because you opted for the “cheapest?”  Below are some of the other variables to consider when investing in insurance for your N.C. business:

Customized Protection for Your Specific Needs- Cheaper may not always be better as it may end up being “cookie cutter” protection.  The right business insurance is not a “one size fits all” scenario.  With the RIGHT coverage, you can be assured it is custom designed with your unique business needs in mind.  Your specific risks will be assessed and from there a business insurance policy can be built so you only pay for coverage that you need.  

Independent Insurance Agent- Working with a N.C. independent insurance agent means you have someone who works for YOU and not the insurance company.  Working with someone who has experience, knowledge, and excellent rapport with top insurance carriers means you will get prompt service and optimum business coverage for your needs at a rate you can afford.

Outstanding Customer Service- Experiencing a loss can be devastating, both mentally and financially so as you may imagine, excellent customer service is essential when you need it the most.  Whether it involves reporting your loss, settling your loss, or inquiring about procedures, it is rewarding to know someone is there to assist you from every angle.

Easy Access to Report Claims- Being able to report your loss right when it happens may sound trivial until you need it but imagine having a loss during closed business hours and having to wait to report the claim the next day.  The convenience of automation is essential to prompt service and handling of your loss so you can get back up and running as soon as possible. 

Solid Reputation- Before signing on the dotted line with any insurer, you may want to check the AM Best rating of that carrier.  Choosing insurance with a substandard insurance carrier may not provide the coverage or the service that your business deserves.  Find an insurer that is rated excellent (A) so that you can feel confident that you are getting the N.C. business protection most suited for you and your business needs.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

While price is certainly a factor when obtaining business insurance, it should not be the only consideration.  With the assistance of Twin City Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will work for you to find the best coverage for all of your business needs while still considering the price affordable to you.  Our job is to assess your particular business risks and from there custom build an insurance policy to optimize coverage and minimize the threat of those risks.  Call us TODAY at 828-464-2643.