Restaurant Insurance NeedsRestaurant owners are faced with a multitude of responsibilities and obligations all while prioritizing an eating establishment that offers patrons outstanding food and expert customer service in an inviting and clean atmosphere.  However, in an instant, catastrophe can strike, threatening to destroy everything you have worked so hard to build.  Without the proper insurance protection, you could be faced with financial ruin.  Assessing your restaurant insurance needs for your N.C. business is essential to finding the needed business protection you need and deserve.

There are “one size fits all” types of insurance protection out there.  You hear it all the time offering insurance for a price that seems too good to be true.  However, what you may find out (the hard way) is that the coverage isn’t specifically designed to accommodate your specific needs or risk factors, leaving holes in your coverage.  You don’t work to build a successful restaurant business only to find out you bought inadequate insurance protection.  Is your N.C. restaurant insurance adequate?

Imagine if the Following Situations Happen…

Regardless of how careful you are in your business operations; unfortunate situations can still happen which is why having the right protection is essential.  Take a minute to imagine the following scenarios and ask yourself whether your current business insurance situation is adequate to handle the following situations.

  • One of your drivers, while transporting food to a wedding venue, loses control of the business van, and hits another driver head on. The other driver suffered injuries that resulted in permanent disability and has since filed a lawsuit.  Not only that, but the catered food was never delivered and now your business reputation is tarnished.
  • A customer slips and falls at your restaurant resulting in a broken leg that requires multiple surgeries.
  • Your restaurant has become a victim of a cyber-attack, exposing all confidential data and records and now many people are exposed to identity theft.
  • A fire completely destroys your entire restaurant and now you must relocate and rebuild.

Any of these scenarios could result in your having to shut down your restaurant without the right business insurance protection.  The good news is that by having adequate N.C. business insurance, you can rest assured that should something catastrophic happen, you will have adequate protection to safeguard your restaurant business, assets, and reputation.

Typical Coverage Options to Meet Your Restaurant Insurance Needs, but Not Limited to:

  • Workers Compensation
  • EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Business Auto
  • Business Property
  • General Liability
  • Cyber Liability/Identity Theft
  • Liquor Liability
  • Food Spoilage

Leave the business insurance to us at Twin City Insurance Agency.  This way, you can focus on providing delicious food in an inviting atmosphere that hopefully patrons will continue to enjoy for many more years.  Our objective is to assess the risk potential for your specific N.C. restaurant and from there custom build an insurance protection plan that aims to reduce those risks while maximizing protection and promoting restaurant success.  Call us TODAY at 828-464-2643.