Safeguard Your Online Retail BusinessIn our high-tech world and with technological developments, cyber-attacks are a big business.  Business of all types, big or small, are targets to hackers looking to steal your business and personal information and if they find their way in, your online retail business may be shut down.  Your main objective is to safeguard your online retail business, but do you know how?  Without the right protection, you could be jeopardizing your business, your customers’ personal and financial information, along with your business reputation.

Some Typical Effects of a Cyber-Attack

Due to many evolving reasons, some due to the Pandemic of 2020, along with the convenience of shopping at home, online retail shopping has skyrocketed.  While that is good news for your online retail business, it may not profitable if your website is hacked.  Imagine being targeted and the many effects of a cyber-attack.

First of all, each and every customer who has trusted you has now been exposed to identity fraud due to their personal and financial information being uncovered for anyone to see and ultimately, steal.  Secondly, your business operations will most likely experience a business shut down until everything has been resolved and restored and thirdly, your business reputation is now tarnished and those loyal customers may shop elsewhere.  Can you afford for this type of scenario to happen or do you have your online retail business protected adequately for cyber-attacks?

Cyber Insurance Protection for Your Online Retail Business

Cyber insurance is one way you can protect your website from malicious software attacks and security breaches, but you can also hire an online service who specializes in making sure your website is safe, secure, and encrypted.  You need to look at every angle to make sure there are no visible loopholes or weakened areas that may allow cyber stalkers to unlawfully steal yours and your customers’ private data.

We, at Twin City Insurance, understand the importance of protecting your N.C. business and the good news is that we offer cyber insurance that is custom built to protect an online retail business just like yours from the devastating and exorbitant effects that could result from a cyber-attack.

Typical Expenses that Cyber Insurance Covers

For a nominal fee, you can rest assured that if your business does indeed get hacked, you will have protection for expenses outlined below, but not limited to:

  • Fees Associated with Informing Each and Every Customer Whose Personal Information Has Been Exposed
  • Credit Monitoring Costs
  • Identity Recovery
  • Temporary Business Shutdown Costs While Being Resolved
  • Cyber Extortion Fees
  • Legal Fees from Third Party Lawsuits
  • Settlement Costs
  • And More!

We Understand Your N.C. Online Retail Business Insurance Needs

If you have any questions or concerns about cyber insurance and how it may protect your N.C. online retail business, call us TODAY.  We are here for all your N.C. commercial needs.