Most Common Homeowner's ClaimsOwning a home means you will inevitably encounter some type of homeowners claim, such as a plumbing issue, damaged property, or theft, to name a few.  Regardless of the unexpected situation, you will be faced with damage to your home or property, some of which can be quite costly.  Knowing some of the most common homeowners claims along with having the right homeowner’s insurance protection is essential to protecting perhaps your biggest investment.

Helpful Information to Prepare for the Common Homeowner’s Claims

Knowing some of the most common homeowners insurance claims won’t prevent them from happening but can help you prepare for those unexpected claims when they do. Below are some of the most typical homeowners claims:

Wind Damage- Storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can come up quickly with high force winds that can quickly damage your home.  From flying debris to falling tree branches, your home could sustain extensive damage to your roof, structure or other parts of your home. In an effort to reduce the potential loss, make sure you routinely inspect your roof for any weak spots, rotting areas, loose shingles, etc.  Also, it is recommended you inspect overhanging trees/branches that if high winds ensue, your roof will be free from falling branches.  Heavy limbs falling onto your roof can cause substantial damage.  Lastly, make sure you routinely look for any broken windows and if necessary, install storm shutters.  To learn additional tips on tornado, wind, and hurricane safety contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent.

Hail Damage- Hailstorms may not last long, but when they do, they can create havoc to your home, landscaping, roof, and siding.  Damages add up quickly so taking precautionary measures is essential in the protection of your home.  Routinely inspect your roof for any needed repairs and if you do need a new roof, consider a roof manufactured with more impact-resistant materials.  If you do experience home/property damage as a result of a hailstorm, then:

  • Document the damages (photos)
  • Contact your N.C. independent insurance agent
  • Mitigate any further damages

Water Damage- If you haven’t personally experienced this type of homeowners insurance claim, then you probably know someone who has.  Whether it is a burst water heater, pipes, toilet overflow, or appliance issues, it can be one of the more costly types of claims.  Making sure you have regular maintenance on plumbing and appliances can help to avoid these types of potential losses.  It is recommended you contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent to determine what is covered and what is excluded under your N.C. homeowner insurance policy.

*Note:  Flood is excluded under your N.C. homeowners policies and requires a separate flood insurance policy.

Fire- Fires can result from faulty wiring, appliance issues, fireplaces, portable heaters, and candles and when fire strikes, it can be costly.  In fact, you may lose everything you have.  In an effort to make sure you have adequate N.C. homeowners insurance coverage, it is essential to routinely monitor your property and contents coverage to make sure it adequately reflects its current value.  Your local N.C. independent insurance agent can assist you with the right type of insurance protection you and your family deserve

Theft- Did you know that 75% of all burglaries are residential?  Nobody likes to think of their home being burglarized and their personal possessions being stolen, but it happens all the time.  However, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of it happening, by taking the following preemptive measures:

  • Make sure all windows and doors remain locked
  • Landscape around your home so it is visible. Burglars looks for homes that are hidden behind shrubbery/landscaping as a way to hide their invasion
  • Invest in a home alarm system
  • Increase lighting around your home and consider motion detection lights
  • If you go out of town, cut off mail and newspapers
  • Request your neighbors keep an eye out for any unusual activity

Twin City Insurance Agency understands your needs as a homeowner and our goal is to provide the right type of insurance protection you need.  Feel free to contact us at 828-464-2643 with any questions you may have regarding these common types of homeowner insurance claims.  After all, your home may be your biggest investment!