Special Event/Wedding InsuranceSpecial events happen all the time, so whether you are getting married, hosting an engagement party, or celebrating a close friend’s retirement at a special venue, you need to be prepared. Planning special events takes a lot of time, money, and commitment and while you hope for the picture perfect celebration, things can go awry and when they do, you need to have the right type of protection in place. The good news is that there is special event/wedding insurance, so if you are planning any type of special event, like a wedding, find out why you may need special event/wedding insurance BEFORE the event happens.

Wedding Woes

Imagine that your daughter is finally getting married after being engaged for several years and the wedding date has been set. Checklist preparations have been made such as choosing the venue, caterer, planning the menu, ordering the invitations, and paying deposits for all and excitement over this event is extraordinary. However, one week before the big day, you discover the reception venue has caught fire and burned down. After the panic sets in, you realize you have lost thousands of dollars in the deposit and now are in a frantic search for a new reception location last minute. Not having wedding insurance, your celebration quickly turns to woe.

What Is Special Event/Wedding Insurance?

Special event/wedding insurance covers unsuspected situations that may happen surrounding a special event, so whether the issue lies with the reception site, illness/injury, cancellation, inclement weather, or any other covered peril, you are covered for expenses incurred as a result. This type of insurance is relatively inexpensive and must be purchased prior to the event. Having reassurance that you will be covered if something should go wrong is priceless.

Customize Your Coverage 

Once you begin the planning stages of any special event, it is recommended that you contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent to discuss details of the celebration. That way, your coverage can be customized to fit your specific, unique needs and you only pay for what you need. As the planning progresses, you should always keep your agent informed so that your special event insurance coverage can be modified if needed.

Furthermore, keep inventory of any gifts that you receive at the special event (retirement, birthday, anniversary, or wedding) that may need to be insured under a scheduled personal property endorsement. That way, if your valuables are stolen or lost, you will have the adequate coverage to compensate you for the loss. Your N.C. independent insurance agent can assist you with this to ensure all of your valuables are protected.

Twin City Insurance Agency is here to provide the customer service that you need and can assist you with any questions you may have regarding any special event you may be planning. Take the worry out of planning special celebrations by investing in special event/wedding insurance TODAY.