Winter Driving TipsWinter is no stranger to bad weather and poor driving conditions.  In fact, with winter storms on the forecast, you can expect to see a rise in auto accidents.  Regardless of how careful you are when you get behind the wheel during these winter months, accidents can still happen.  Remember it’s not just yourself you have to worry about; it’s the other drivers on the road as well.  With winter still looming, let’s talk about winter driving tips to help ensure you and others stay as safe as possible on the roadways.

Helpful Tips to Driving Safely During Winter Months

When bad weather ensues, it isn’t as easy as simply staying inside.  You have jobs, errands, appointments, and life to tend to so let’s take some time to review some safe winter driving tips before you get behind the wheel of the car.  To avoid an accident:

Dress Warmly- Before heading out in the winter months, make sure you have plenty of warm clothes on, such as scarf, gloves, heavy coat, and weatherproof boots.  Imagine getting into an auto accident and being stranded for hours.  Will your clothes keep you warm if this happens?

Winterize Your Vehicle- Before the winter months hit, it is recommended you winterize your car.  This means a routine inspection to make sure your tires are inflated to the appropriate level, fluids maintained, and windshield wipers in proper working order.

Allow Extra Travel Time- Keep in mind that if you have to be at work or some other destination, allow extra time for arrival.  You can expect to travel at a much-reduced speed and allow extra time for potential accidents which may slow traffic.  Always drive defensively and be on the lookout for black ice.

Stock Your Vehicle- Before heading out, make sure you have warm blankets, waters, flashlights, extra layers of clothes, and snacks in case you get stranded.  Also, it is recommended you keep a bag(s) of sand or ice melt in your vehicle in case you get stuck somewhere.

When an Accident Happens…

Even if you follow all the above guidelines, keep in mind it’s no guarantee you will avoid a car accident. Below are some key tips to follow when an accident does happen.

Document Accident Details- Make sure you take photos of the accident scene, all damages to every vehicle involved, and contact the police immediately.

Exchange Information– When an accident happens you should exchange phone numbers, names, and insurance information with the other parties involved.

Contact Twin City Insurance- Right away you need to report the accident and file the claim. The quicker this happens, the faster the claims handling process can begin.

Cooperate with the Insurance Company- A claims adjuster will most likely be in touch with you to ask for your rendition of the accident details.  By doing this you will help to expedite the claim and allow for prompt service.

These winter weather driving tips are helpful guidelines to help keep you safe on the roadways. If you have any questions regarding your N.C. auto insurance or further information on winter driving tips, feel free to contact us at 828-464-2643.  Stay alert and stay safe!